1:1 Therapy

I offer face to face therapy for people from the ages of 4 years upwards, I tailor my approach dependant on the clients needs. I work from a private therapy space in WF3 but am also available to come into schools or places of work/business to hold sessions.

Counselling – Adults/YP Talking therapies involve talking to someone who is trained to help you deal with your negative feelings. They can help anyone who is experiencing difficulties to identify issues that cause emotional distress. It can help build the client’s self-awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on their present feelings, relationships and behaviours.

Play/creative therapies are helpful to children and young people who find it hard to verbalise their distress. But these therapies can also be effective at time for adults as using creative methods can help to stimulate a different part of the brain and help to explore issues from a different perspective.

Walk and talk therapy is an alternative to working with me in the traditional therapy room setting, which for some people can feel too intense. It is useful for anyone who suffers with difficultties such as depression & social anxiety or people who are Neurodiverse. Being outdoors and exercising can help the therapeutic process by boosting mental health, improving mood, and helping to reduce stress levels. We would choose a setting where confidentiality could be maintained and boundaries would be clarified in advance, e.g what we would do if the weather was bad.

Autplay Therapy is a therapy for neurodiverse CYP that involves the parents as much as the children, we see the parents as co changers along with the therapist. It is a staged approach using a range of non-directive play techniques and then as the therapy progresses more directive techniques. Throughout the whole process the parent/carer is also taught the play technique, to reinforce the work in the therapy room but to also continue to support building stronger relationships with the child. This therapy can be used with children with communication/verbal difficulties also.

Neurodiversity and pre screenings

My emerging specialty is with ASD/ADHD and other neurodiverse, I have over 30 hours of additional training in understanding ASD/ADHD through the university of Derby, through Aspire Consultancy and training, Autplay therapy training and various other CPD events. I currently attend monthly a cpd/supervision 4 hour session specifically around ASD/ADHD.

It is a passion of mine from working with the most amazing kids in schools who have not always been diagnosed and are struggling with self-esteem issues as they are struggling to function in lessons and don’t know why.

Within my own family I have been through the process of trying to access support for my child, to have someone to listen to me when I knew there was something within my child that he was struggling with and not being met with the help I needed. Often parents feel judged and dismissed and don’t know which way to turn. I knew the system and the processes and still found it difficult and a battle to get my son the diagnosis he needed. I’m happy top say eventually we did and the doors this has opened in getting him the right support has been invaluable. This is why I make it my mission to not just offer therapy but to also offer families advice to guide them from recognising traits in their child, helping them to know what to do and say in conversations with schools, to accessing support through GP’s and if you live in the Leeds areas through the Clusters.

I can offer Pre screenings which involve taking full developmental history, completing screening tools with parents, liaising with schools (if they allow it) for them to complete screeners and to maybe observe the child in class, to having a couple of sessions 1;1 with the child to again observe them. Then write you a full report to either take to your GP or again in the Leeds area to self-refer to Mind mate SPA.

Online Therapy

During the recent Covid 19 situation the need for online therapy has become even more needed and used. Some clients have found they prefer online therapy and choose to stay with this platform even when face to face therapy is allowed again.

Whilst it is very different from face to face therapy it can still be very effective.

Group Therapy

I have vast experience of offering group therapy within school settings for children affected by anxiety, domestic abuse and other issues. I can offer to come into schools and work with any age group and run groups that are specific to that schools needs. I can also run groups within community settings and am looking to build up some network with other agencies. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss organising a group and what the costs associated would be.


I am currently undertaking my Supervisor training at Salford university, at this point I can offer supervision to qualified therapist and to pastoral staff within schools and also as group supervision, at a very low cost. After qualifying I will also be able to offer sessions to counsellors who themselves are training.

I also attend regular supervision myself as required by the BACP, this is to discuss cases (which remain anonymous to protect he clients confidentiality) to ensure I am working ethically and in the right way. As well as attending a monthly 3.5hrs autism supervision and cpd group run by Aspire Consultancy.


Initial assessment £60 (90mins)
Face to face Sessional fee – £45 (50mins)  
Online sessions – £45 (50mins)

Group sessions – to be discussed

Neurodiverse Pre Screenings – cost to be discussed dependant on what the client needs as this will also include admin/report writing.

Walk & Talk Therapy – The cost may vary dependant on if you the client, comes to me or if I travel to you. If I come to you the cost may increase to take into account mileage plus additional time used to travel to walking destinations, charges may also vary due to higher increased mileage.

Discounts available for Student Counsellors and Counsellors looking for a supervisor whilst I am training.


I am available to write and present bespoke trainings for schools, businesses and other therapy organisations. Please get in touch if you have a specific topic in mind that we can discuss.

Trainings already available are:

  • The affects of domestic violence neurologically in children
  • Therapeutic parenting for parents/carers of Looked after & Adopted Children
  • Understanding ASD/ADHD and how they present in children (this particularly useful for teachers and pastoral staff in schools as well as other therapist).

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