“The Storm Within”

On the 27th March 2021 I was asked to present a 45min pre recorded workshop and then do a live Q/&A to the BACP Children & Young people/family (CYP&F) Conference on working therapeutically with CYP&F who are neurodiverse. The workshop was around the affects of the pandemic on this client group and how as therapist…

Neurodiverse Celebration week is here!!

This week is Neurodiverse Celebration week so promote in your schools, in your work place or celebrate someone you know who is Neurodiverse. This week i am celebrating all my neurodivergent clients and my son. Please see link below for a list of their events this week. https://www.neurodiversity-celebration-week.com/2021-neurodiversity-week-events https://www.neurodiversity-celebration-week.com/neurodiversty-celebration-week-2021